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Mark VanderKlipp
3 min readNov 10, 2020

As of November 1st, Connect_CX have engaged in a global consortium of wayfinding specialists with offices centered in Australia, Croatia, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Our partners Mark VanderKlipp, Yvette Fevurly and Mark Levine, bring a combined 90+ years of experience in international wayfinding success to this global entity, and will be representing ID-LAB in the US.

Why have we done this?

Quite simply, we’ve joined forces with this group because it’s the perfect outlet to enable us to expand our impact.

We know that experiences of all types are linked to the built environment. In the past 4 years, we’ve been honored to address experience challenges in healthcare, education and corporate environments. Additionally, our design and facilitation expertise have brought us into projects helping those who are most at risk in our society navigate complex social systems. This has led us to understand the interconnected nature of each of these systems, and that developing holistic solutions is the only way to achieve sustainable societal change.

Now, we’ve added this experience to a group of partner companies working in similar market verticals across the globe. The principals of these firms, managing their teams in their respective regions, will share skill sets across time zones which increases efficiencies, expands our shared knowledge base, employs a strong network of resources and reduces overhead, all of which are designed to benefit you, our clients and colleagues.

Partners in each office include:

Michel Verheem, Australia

Stephen Read, UK

Rob Wehkamp, Benelux Region

Loic Hellegouarch, France

Robert Canak, Croatia

Visit our global partnership entity at

Joint statement from ID-LAB global:

ID-LAB design user-centred, integrated and creative wayfinding solutions that make the world easier to navigate.

We combine our understanding of human behaviour, circulation processes and communication strategies with world-class information, graphic & industrial design to provide people with exactly the right information, at exactly the right time, at exactly the right place, in exactly the right way.

Enlightened design, informed by the needs of the user and the context of its environment, is our passion. Good wayfinding that makes a real impact on the experiences of your staff and clientele is the result.

Our teams include professionals with a background in architecture, marketing, branding & communication, user experience design, service design, interior design, graphic design, information design, industrial design, and project management.

So how does this change things?

Clients and friends of Connect_CX will continue to hear from us on a monthly basis through our blog, as we are still working in the communities we serve; our thought leadership will now be shared with a wider audience, as we work together to bring lasting change to environments and communities across the globe.

For our clients in healthcare seeking wayfinding expertise, we will now be represented as part of ID-LAB Global. We believe that our access to international wayfinding programs will benefit the work we carry out in the United States, and conversely that sharing our perspective will benefit the delivery of healthcare throughout the world.

In a time of global pandemic and so many other human challenges, we feel we must enlarge our collective aperture beyond what might have been expected prior to this. The world as we knew it will never be the same; we look forward to learning, growing and expanding our perspective as, through design, we continue to address the challenges that members of our human community share.

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Mark VanderKlipp

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